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Technology Improving Taste

Welcome to Taste Advantage

Taste Advantage LLC provides full solution products that improve flavors and taste experiences. We develop unique ingredients using a combination of extensive flavor knowledge and market savvy. Some of the Taste Advantage natural flavor systems enhance or modify sweetness, mask bitter compounds, and increase flavor longevity.

Taste Advantage is a high-tech company strategically located in Lakeland FL and dedicated to bringing the latest technology to create new flavor systems. Our goal is to make our customers' products more competitive in the marketplace by providing unique, signature natural materials, providing technological insulation to their brands.

Recent developments include an array of natural citrus components, and natural special-effects materials that deliver natural cooling notes to replace the artificial WS-type compounds, as well as natural sweetness boosters that do not increase brix.

Technology you can taste, naturally.

Lemon, Lime and Oranges